Sunday, June 13, 2021

Studio project - construction is complete!

 Although the pandemic affected many suppliers for our project, I'm happy to report that the remodeling part of the studio project is complete!

First, we got the carpet installed. We're using carpet squares that are just taped to the floor - just in case there are some crafty accidents!

Then, the countertop went in. This is a laminate top with a grey stone look.

Finally, the trim went in around the room to give a finishing touch. We also added the iconic IKEA pegboard since we wanted to take advantage of the walls for storing things.

A floating shelf is currently on the floor under the TV - I will be using that as a resting place for some common supplies I would like handy.

Now that the major construction is done, I will start organizing some of my supplies and building my desk. We decided on a butcher block for my desk; it will arrive next week.

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