Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Celestial Book - Club Scrap blog hop

Welcome to a new year and another fabulous kit and blog hop from Club Scrap.  This month's project features the out-of-this-world Celestial kit!  If you just came from Ann's blog you are in the right place.  If you want to start at the beginning of the blog, be sure to check out the Club Scrap post with all of the hoppers in order.

This month, I made this little book - I am in love with the black paper printed with silver from the Lite kit:

It has an extra special cover, and a surprise inside.  Let's see how I did it.

First, I colored a strip from the Lite kit white cutapart using the neon inks.

I laid the cutapart where I wanted on the book board (4 1/4 tall by 4 1/8 wide), using some pencil marks to guide me, and wrapped it around the back of the board.  In the center of each star, I put a star brad for dimension and shine.

Next to each side of the cut apart, I laid some of that super-sparkly Silver Sparkle Paper Tape.  That stuff is amazing! I then glued this piece of board on top of another piece of board and pressed it in my book press while I worked on the top of the cover.  That hides those little brad ends and gives some extra dimension.

The top piece of the cover is made from two pieces of book board with a gap between them.  The gap is where our pretty strip shows through, but I still wanted to wrap all of the edges in paper.  So, I started by gluing the pieces on in just the right location, using the grid rulers to keep everything square and place them in the right spot.

At the top, I cut a triangle out of the paper, and sliced vertically down in the gap space.  The horizontal cut in the triangle is beyond the edge of the book board.

The triangle cuts and vertical cuts created flaps to wrap around the book board.  I tucked the little flaps in, and painted a bit of black paint in the corner just in case something went uncovered.

I then laid the top cover over the bottom with the decorative strip.  You'll see that the window is just a bit larger than the book board.  I glued the book board together, and then clipped the corners of the card stock and wrapped them around the entire cover.  I had thoughts here of adding even more star brads to the cover, but I wasn't sure where to stop, so I just decided not to!

You can see here that the little extra wide window creates a step in the paper, so that the black paper is just on the edge of the board. If I did this again, I would cut the window just the tiniest bit larger.  This side is perfect, but the other side wasn't quite large enough and I had a little extra black paper to try and trim off.

The back cover is made from 3 pieces of board glued together and covered with the same black paper.

For the inside of the book, I cut seven pieces of grey paper measuring 4" x 8" and six pieces of navy paper measuring 4" x 6".

I scored each piece of paper, and pierced sewing holes.

The blue pieces were folded in half, and then I used a decorative die (Scrollwork by Tim Holtz here) to cut a fancy edge.

When stitched together, the blue strips are decorative and provide a bit of extra space in the binding.

I used a little sparkly ribbon in my stitching, and the alternating grey and navy pages make the spine extra special.

Our next step in the blog hop is the fabulous Kay Williamson.  I love her creativity, and I'm sure she has something great to share with us this month!


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