Getting Started

If you like what you see on my blog, here are some ideas to get started in papercrafting - in particular, bookbinding, card making, and scrapbooking.

Basic Supplies

If left on a desert island to craft, these are the things I would absolutely want with me.  Everything else is icing on the cake.  I've provided my favorite places to find some of the supplies.
  • Paper - good quality card stock is a must.  I prefer card stock by Club Scrap or Stampin' Up!  Both are heavier than the average card stock, which makes them better for bookbinding projects, and they have a variety of great designs.
  • Paper trimmer - I've bought at least six paper trimmers, and there are lots of opinions about these.  I prefer the Tonic guillotine cutter in either size (Club Scrap or Stampin' Up! sell it).  If you don't want a guillotine cutter, or like to cut fancy edges, my favorite is the Carl trimmer. (I have an RT-200)
  • Bookbinding glue - I like the glue Club Scrap sells, and this can be used as an all purpose adhesive for a lot of other crafting needs.
  • Craft knife and grid ruler - for those times when a paper trimmer won't cut it.  Try the grid ruler from Club Scrap or a clear quilting ruler.
  • ATG adhesive - the best value for adhesive out there, and it glues anything together.  This is a bit of an investment, but it will be so worth it.  Framing supplies is probably the most popular place to buy this gem.
  • 3L tape runner - my second favorite adhesive, and still handy for some projects.
  • Rubber stamps - My top three are Club Scrap, Stampin' Up!, and Hero Arts, but there are many, many others.
  • Ink - I most often use a waterproof black, brown, and Versamark.  For basic colors, I like the hybrid inks that Club Scrap sells - they're waterproof, and work on most surfaces, so you won't need to hunt for a different kind of ink when you change papers.
  • Die cutting system - this is not the most basic supply, but I couldn't live without my nestabilities dies for long.  Start with the basic shapes like squares and circles and build once you've developed your style.  I like the Big Shot, but most die cutters work with each other.
  • Waxed linen thread or linen thread and beeswax - you can't sew a book without thread!  Try Club Scrap, Talas, Hollander's, or Twinrocker.
  • Bone folder - handy for so many things besides folding.  This can be found at any crafting store.

Basic Techniques

There are lots of videos with techniques out there - google is your friend if these links don't answer your questions!  These are a few of my favorites that I use over and over again.
  • Stitchbound book - I make a lot of these and the videos from Club Scrap show the basic techniques I use most frequently
    • Part 1: Supplies you'll need and how to neatly wrap your covers.
    • Part 2: Sewing your book block (the inside of the book).
    • Part 3: Assembling your book.
  • Basic stamping techniques from Stampin' Up!
  • Basic stamping techniques from Hero Arts - includes how to ink a stamp, so this a great place to begin.


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