Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Botanicals Blog Hop - Gelli Printed Cards

Welcome to the April blog hop featuring Club Scrap's Botanical kit.  If you're lost and want to find the entire list of bloggers, check out their post.

This month, I was inspired by the stencil to get out my gelli plate and experiment.  I am also running super low on birthday cards, so I needed to make multiples of cards without having them all look identical.

I started by cutting two 12 x 12 sheets of paper into 4 x 6 pieces.  I used my 5 x 7 gelli plate to roll on color that I hoped (!) would coordinate with the kit papers.  I was going for pastels, but learned pretty quickly that you need a lot of white paint and just a little color to achieve this.  I used a few stencils and fuzzy yarn to create primary prints and then some ghost prints.

If I didn't like a particular first print (or if it was too light), I kept adding ghost prints until I thought there was enough "stuff" going on.  Here is a finished card where you can see stencils, yarn, and a bunch of stuff going on in the background.

For my second layer, I brayered paint onto my plate, covered it with the stencil from the Club Scrap Lite kit, and pulled a print.  I just love this graphic look. The pink paper is from an older kit - Cruisin', but all other papers are from Botanicals.

For some, there was enough ink left for a ghost print of the positive image. This halo effect was pretty cool and totally unexpected!

I added some stamps to some, and embellished quickly with a tag to put a greeting on the card.  The tag was a bit large for the greeting, so I just cut it down a little bit. I love how the layers show through on this card.

This video from Gelli Arts shows some of the inspiration for these cards. I've probably watched this a dozen times - it's just so much fun to see the patterns emerge and imagine what you can do - no print is ever the same even when you start with the same materials and paints.

I hope you enjoy the next stop on our blog hop - Wendy Bellino!


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