Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Botanicals Blog Hop - Gelli Printed Cards

Welcome to the April blog hop featuring Club Scrap's Botanical kit.  If you're lost and want to find the entire list of bloggers, check out their post.

This month, I was inspired by the stencil to get out my gelli plate and experiment.  I am also running super low on birthday cards, so I needed to make multiples of cards without having them all look identical.

I started by cutting two 12 x 12 sheets of paper into 4 x 6 pieces.  I used my 5 x 7 gelli plate to roll on color that I hoped (!) would coordinate with the kit papers.  I was going for pastels, but learned pretty quickly that you need a lot of white paint and just a little color to achieve this.  I used a few stencils and fuzzy yarn to create primary prints and then some ghost prints.

If I didn't like a particular first print (or if it was too light), I kept adding ghost prints until I thought there was enough "stuff" going on.  Here is a finished card where you can see stencils, yarn, and a bunch of stuff going on in the background.

For my second layer, I brayered paint onto my plate, covered it with the stencil from the Club Scrap Lite kit, and pulled a print.  I just love this graphic look. The pink paper is from an older kit - Cruisin', but all other papers are from Botanicals.

For some, there was enough ink left for a ghost print of the positive image. This halo effect was pretty cool and totally unexpected!

I added some stamps to some, and embellished quickly with a tag to put a greeting on the card.  The tag was a bit large for the greeting, so I just cut it down a little bit. I love how the layers show through on this card.

This video from Gelli Arts shows some of the inspiration for these cards. I've probably watched this a dozen times - it's just so much fun to see the patterns emerge and imagine what you can do - no print is ever the same even when you start with the same materials and paints.

I hope you enjoy the next stop on our blog hop - Wendy Bellino!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

London Calling - cards with british techniques

I really had a great time being a guest artist for Club Scrap with the London Calling Greeting to Go set.  You can see all of my finished cards on the Club Scrap blog.  I'm going to feature a few here with some extra details on the techniques.

I'm not actually part of the hop this month, so if you got lost along the way, check out Kay, who follows me when I participate!

My first technique features some cards made using a Lace' template:

I found these Lace' templates in a craft store somewhere in England.  For the first card, I taped the template to the light green cardstock, and cut around the outside and one side (a different template - not shown - was used for the second card).  I'm working on the backside of the card, and I've used the neon blue ink to stamp the text stamp to add some interest.

After trimming both sides, it looks like this.

Using a bone folder, I folded back the outer triangle and tucked it into the inner triangle.  It works best to have a nice contrast between the back and front, so I did darken up the back by using some darker ink and stamping more text.

I thought it needed a bit more embellishment, so I punched out some hearts, and added those in the empty spaces.

I traced around the template, and used a craft knife to cut a mat for the piece.  These particular templates are no longer being made, but the Cut, Fold, and Tuck dies from Spellbinders will do all of the cutting for you, making this a much easier project!

Many of the stamps in this kit have a great vintage feel to them, so I had a great time using some distress stains to make backgrounds for two of the card panels.  I just dabbed some distress stain in vintage photo, peeled paint, and broken china on a non-stick craft mat, sprayed with water, and swabbed up the color to make two panels.  I dropped water on the backgrounds and sprayed them a bit after drying to create a little more blending and texture.

I used a variety of images from the London Calling stamps to create the background, making sure to use different colors of distress ink (vintage photo and walnut stain) and to spray some of the images to create a bit of random fading and blurring.  I did use an ink blending tool and distress ink around the edges after this to create a nice ink frame around the panels.

I used the frame image from the kit to frame the sentiment.  I embossed the sentiment so I didn't need to worry about whether my image was dark enough to cover up the frame image.

I finished these up with embellishments from the kit for two gorgeous cards.  I love how they started out with the same techniques and colors, but still have a different feel to them.

My last British technique to share is decoupage.  You can find sheets of these in nearly every crafting store.  In America, the Paper Wishes company sells these as Paper Tole.  In England, the technique means to layer progressively smaller images on top of each other to create stunning depth in your cards.  Some stamps, like the one from the main collection sheet, also lend themselves to this technique.

Start by stamping your image on multiple pieces of paper.  My base image will be the blue image since the sky and water are blue (no coloring!).

I added a bit of gloss and shine to "London" by using a clear glue (like Glossy Accents) that was already died red.

For the second layer, I colored the postmark and the bridge.  I don't need to worry about staying in the lines, since I'll be cutting portions of the images out.  I wanted my big ben to be nice and bright in the front, so I didn't color the third image.

Next, trim your images out.  I didn't worry about trimming around the spikes on Big Ben.

Layer all of the images together using foam tape.  You can see the depth of the images here, with Big Ben two layer above the base of the card, but the bridge is only one layer up.

It doesn't take much to finish this card when you have such a fabulous focal image.

If you're not into the work of doing a scene, cutting out a single image and mounting it on foam tape can also be stunning.

The red coloring on the telephone booth and scattered dots in the background comes from a British product - Derwent's inktense blocks.  They are a permanent ink in a block form - you work with them like watercolors.  While wet, you can blend them, but once dry, they have a super intense color and are permanent.  This makes layering colors really interesting.  They also make them in pencil form. We toured the Derwent factory on our honeymoon (isn't my husband perfect to take me to crafty places on our vacations?), so their products hold a special place in my heart.

I hope you enjoyed my tour through some of the details on these cards, and that you have fun creating cards and works of art with the London Calling kit!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Club Scrap Blog Hop

Welcome to the loveliest day of the year!  Since there is a blizzard warning in effect, we are planning to stay home and make homemade ravioli for dinner.  Never a dull moment in our house! If you came here from Ann's blog, you're in the right place. If you got lost along the way, check out the whole list at Club Scrap.

My card for this month was based on the card sketch challenge happening this month on the forum and inspired by the new Love Ink kit. I started by masking off blocks on a card front with Eclipse tape and inking around the edges with Earth ink.

I then stamped a variety of images from my Club Scrap kits, using masks to create depth and interest.

When you're done, peel off the tape, and see the magic appear!

For the inside, I masked off a strip and did a similar stamping technique.  The edges are accented with a row of pierces along the top and bottom of the strip.  Some pink glossy accents over the heart gives a little extra shine.

For the front, I matted my pieces and added a greeting.  I was going to follow the sketch more closely and add some punched flowers or hearts, but I decided I liked this just as it is.

This technique would be great all year round - I'd love to see what you create!

Next on our hop is the lovely Kay Williamson.  She always has something creative to share.  I hope you hop on over to her next!

And, if you like my cards, please stop back on February 19th to see my take on the London Calling greeting to go kit as Club Scrap's guest artist!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Celestial Book - Club Scrap blog hop

Welcome to a new year and another fabulous kit and blog hop from Club Scrap.  This month's project features the out-of-this-world Celestial kit!  If you just came from Ann's blog you are in the right place.  If you want to start at the beginning of the blog, be sure to check out the Club Scrap post with all of the hoppers in order.

This month, I made this little book - I am in love with the black paper printed with silver from the Lite kit:

It has an extra special cover, and a surprise inside.  Let's see how I did it.

First, I colored a strip from the Lite kit white cutapart using the neon inks.

I laid the cutapart where I wanted on the book board (4 1/4 tall by 4 1/8 wide), using some pencil marks to guide me, and wrapped it around the back of the board.  In the center of each star, I put a star brad for dimension and shine.

Next to each side of the cut apart, I laid some of that super-sparkly Silver Sparkle Paper Tape.  That stuff is amazing! I then glued this piece of board on top of another piece of board and pressed it in my book press while I worked on the top of the cover.  That hides those little brad ends and gives some extra dimension.

The top piece of the cover is made from two pieces of book board with a gap between them.  The gap is where our pretty strip shows through, but I still wanted to wrap all of the edges in paper.  So, I started by gluing the pieces on in just the right location, using the grid rulers to keep everything square and place them in the right spot.

At the top, I cut a triangle out of the paper, and sliced vertically down in the gap space.  The horizontal cut in the triangle is beyond the edge of the book board.

The triangle cuts and vertical cuts created flaps to wrap around the book board.  I tucked the little flaps in, and painted a bit of black paint in the corner just in case something went uncovered.

I then laid the top cover over the bottom with the decorative strip.  You'll see that the window is just a bit larger than the book board.  I glued the book board together, and then clipped the corners of the card stock and wrapped them around the entire cover.  I had thoughts here of adding even more star brads to the cover, but I wasn't sure where to stop, so I just decided not to!

You can see here that the little extra wide window creates a step in the paper, so that the black paper is just on the edge of the board. If I did this again, I would cut the window just the tiniest bit larger.  This side is perfect, but the other side wasn't quite large enough and I had a little extra black paper to try and trim off.

The back cover is made from 3 pieces of board glued together and covered with the same black paper.

For the inside of the book, I cut seven pieces of grey paper measuring 4" x 8" and six pieces of navy paper measuring 4" x 6".

I scored each piece of paper, and pierced sewing holes.

The blue pieces were folded in half, and then I used a decorative die (Scrollwork by Tim Holtz here) to cut a fancy edge.

When stitched together, the blue strips are decorative and provide a bit of extra space in the binding.

I used a little sparkly ribbon in my stitching, and the alternating grey and navy pages make the spine extra special.

Our next step in the blog hop is the fabulous Kay Williamson.  I love her creativity, and I'm sure she has something great to share with us this month!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas card for my husband - Club Scrap Blog Hop

I know it's just a little bit past the season, but I think this technique would be great for a variety of cards - I just happened to need a Christmas card! I hope you're enjoying the blog hop - if you get lost along the way, a complete list of bloggers is at Club Scrap.

I fell in love with the bonus stained glass stencil for the Reunion kit, and how perfectly it matches the patterned paper this month. I immediately thought of Christmas and the beautiful windows in churches, and wanted to try and make a background perfect for a Christmas greeting.

I started by taping a piece of black card stock to my work surface with washi tape.  I was careful to line up the tape nice and straight so I would have a nice clean mat around the final image.

Next, I found the area of the stencil I wanted to use, and taped it down.

I colored in areas of the stencil using pan pastels - they are super vibrant even on black card stock.

My picture of the "finished" panel did not not look so great (I was struggling with trying to get this done quickly, and didn't have enough lights set up!), but it was great in person.  I did spray it with a clear sealant, and that dulled the colors a tiny bit.  This shows the panel before I sprayed it or took the stencil off.

I finished it up with the candle image from the 2010 Christmas release from Club Scrap (also colored with pan pastels), and the gorgeous ribbon and papers from the Reunion kit.

As an experiment, I tried coloring in another image with markers, but I wasn't careful enough with the stencil, and my pen kept going under the stencil.  That experiment ended up in the bin.  I would recommend taping it down more to do that, or focusing on things like inks or pastels, where you are pushing down on the stencil more.

The next blogger on our hop today is the fabulous DebDuzScrappin' - hope you enjoy all of the ideas she has to share!  If you get lost along the way, or want to start at the beginning, please visit Club Scrap for the complete listing of bloggers.

My very best wishes to you for a super Happy New Year!  Who doesn't appreciate a fresh start every year?
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