Monday, May 25, 2009

A tale of three books

I made three books this weekend, but am only showing two. The third is a gift for a new grandpa in the area whose grandson was named after a basketball player. So, this inspired me to use the rest of the paper in Club Scrap's Varsity kit to make more sports-themed books. The paper in this kit has some really great colors for more masculine projects - a soft burgundy, tan, and sage green. Some of the pages have wonderful patterns on them that emulate the diagrams coaches draw to show the team where to go. I think these albums would be a great place to gather team pictures over the years.

These books are hand stitched. I used a traditional kettle stitch, and four holes in each signature. The waxed linen thread is sewed over a piece of wide ribbon in the center. I also used an elastic closure, just like on the quick jot journal earlier this month. I thought this was pretty sporty!

When I made the quick jot journal a little while ago, I also used a masking technique with the stamping. I'd forgotten what a great (but simple) effect that is, so I did a bit more with that. The book on the left (sized about 5.5 x 5.5 inches) has the black image stamped first. I masked it (or, covered with paper) so that only a hole in the center of the image was open. Then, I stamped various sports elements with versamark images in the center. The versamark ink gives a subtle watermarked image a shade or two darker than the paper it is stamped on. My style is to be a bit more subtle about incorporating themes or elements in general. The "Number 1" image was then stamped on top.

I did a similar technique for the journal on the right (pages measure 4 x 6 inches). I stamped the saying, covered it with some torn paper, and then stamped some images (football, baseball, basketball, soccer ball) with the versamark on the top.

The edges of each paper needed a little something extra, so I did a little inking on the edges to grunge things up a bit.

I'm really pleased with these books. It's another sunny day, so more pictures outside for the books. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Houghton in the Spring

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day in Houghton - unless you're going downtown! The weather was just-right, and we walked to the Suomi for a great breakfast. The whole town seemed to be there, so we were able to say hi to a bunch of people. We walked back along the lakefront to get home. It was a bit chillier that way, but the beautiful blue water was irresistible.

Downtown Houghton is partially chewed up because of construction. They've started with the two blocks closest to the bridge. Montezuma is a two-way street during construction, and traffic on the "yooper loop" is two way, as well. It makes for an interesting start to the day and some interesting photos! After driving through Green Bay last week, however, we quietly thank the construction folks that they are doing great work, and it isn't really that big of an inconvenience. The end of the project should be lovely. I'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Jot Journal

This was the first project I made from Club Scrap's "Cruise in a Box" and I'm already thinking of ways to make different versions of this. I modified mine by adding an elastic closure, and using my bind-it-all to bind the book inside. If you look closely, you'll see my holes, and the ones they provided. I like to take a little journal with me on vacations, so I tailored this for my trip to England this summer - we'll be in London at least one day!

The book part isn't glued into the cover - it slides into a cute little pocket. The pocket is conveniently the same size as a little ring notebook, so I can see myself using this for more trips in the future. There is also a sweet little pocket on the inside front cover.

The back cover - which wraps around the spine and onto the front cover - was stamped using a variety of stamps and masking techniques. I don't usually get this ornate with stamping. It was fun to play around and try some new things out here.

Most of the stamps are from Club Scrap - the Journeys, Weather, and Collection kits. The stamps on the inside journal also come from Club Scrap's Serengeti collection (2009), Hero Arts (London) and Stampin' Up (suitcases and compass).

It was a nice day outside, so I thought pictures outside would be a nice change. It sure is nice to see some green in our garden - our daffodils are just getting started, so we're a bit behind most of the US with regards to our garden.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My mom visited me last fall, and when I went to Club Scrap's retreat, we made this flip book. It is just amazingly cute. It fits into the cute little box and flips out - and each panel flips out. I think I put at least 50 photos in this small little book! My mom loved it, and it perfectly captures a very special time we spent together.

If you're interested in making your own, they're available at Club Scrap. I also have a limited number of kits on hand that I plan to make.

Enjoy Mother's Day with your loved ones.


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