Thursday, September 08, 2011

An artistic flag book

As you might guess by now, I'm on a bit of a flag book thing lately (see my earlier tutorial and finished book). The panels I made earlier this week were actually for this book, and the leftover ones just made such beautiful cards, I had to share them right away.

This is the cover of the book:
Flag book showing cover

The squares on the cover were cut up from one of the pieces that didn't quite work as a whole piece. When you open the book, this is the view:

Flip the pages one by one....

I am just in love with the inside and outside of the cover. They show how versatile masking can be - it doesn't just apply to squares. You can also spread the book out:
...or view them spread out.

These books really shine when they're in motion. They are highly interactive, and make the coolest noise! I took a little video to share the book in motion with you:

I love the simplicity of these books, and how just a simple square picture or piece of art transforms it so easily. I plan on making more of these - if you have a theme in mind that you would like to see, let me know!


  1. Beautiful, Deb! You've been busy - each book is gorgeous.

  2. THis is a beautiful book - I have some of those sitting around - just need to find the right pics to put in
    Thanks for all your inspiration



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