Sunday, May 24, 2009

Houghton in the Spring

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day in Houghton - unless you're going downtown! The weather was just-right, and we walked to the Suomi for a great breakfast. The whole town seemed to be there, so we were able to say hi to a bunch of people. We walked back along the lakefront to get home. It was a bit chillier that way, but the beautiful blue water was irresistible.

Downtown Houghton is partially chewed up because of construction. They've started with the two blocks closest to the bridge. Montezuma is a two-way street during construction, and traffic on the "yooper loop" is two way, as well. It makes for an interesting start to the day and some interesting photos! After driving through Green Bay last week, however, we quietly thank the construction folks that they are doing great work, and it isn't really that big of an inconvenience. The end of the project should be lovely. I'll keep you posted!

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