Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tool Time: Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher

OK, I have a confession to make.  I love office supplies.  If scrapbooking supplies even look like office supplies, I have to have them.

It's even better if they're a gadget or super geeky.  That's just the kind of crafter I am.

So, when I saw the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, I lusted for one.

I kept thinking, "Do I really need this?" (After all, I have been through a major purge in my scraproom!)

I also thought, "Is this really different than my other staplers?"

My biggest fear was that I was succumbing to my love for all things Tim Holtz, and that it wouldn't really be any better or different than my other staplers.  I was wrong - I really need this, and it's different than my other staplers.  So, here's a look at another tool I can't live without.

Why I love this tool:

  1. It has Tim Holtz' name on it (not the most important reason, but I gotta be honest!)
  2. It is so comfortable to hold, which makes it super easy to place the staple where you want them.
  3. It works - it really works!  I've had several mini-staplers, but this one actually staples properly on the first try.
  4. The staples are just so tiny and cute!  One-quarter inch, to be exact.
So far, I've used it on this cool card below.  You can see the ribbon has staples on either end - this is how the ribbon is attached.  To complete the "trio" of staples, you can also find some in the upper right of the card panel.  The ribbon is grosgrain, and the cardstock is a super heavy weight (Club Scrap), but this little stapler went through these thick materials with no problems.  Stamps are from Club Scrap and Stampin' Up

I'm excited to get out some alcohol inks to color these staples, and I'm really hoping that they release some colored options in the future (copper would be fabulous!).  So, if you lust after office supplies, but think this is just another stapler, think again and go pick one up.  It's even included as an Amazon prime item, which is my favorite way to shop. (It would be yours, too, if the largest store in town was Walmart!)

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  1. What a cute stamp - where would one get that? :)



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