Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Scrap your stash into a card portfolio

I like to give gifts of cards - who can't use a few extra birthday or thank you cards?  I made this cute little portfolio using some scraps from my stash.  The patterned paper is a special release from Club Scrap that I decided I needed to use rather than save!

To start, I cut chipboard into two covers (5" x 6.25") and one spine (1" x 6.25") using a utility knife and grid ruler.  These are generally scraps from packaging, or the backs of notebooks!

Apply glue to the front of all pieces, and glue to paper.  The white paper is the patterned paper - it covers part of the front cover.  The blue paper is cardstock - I checked the grain before cutting to make sure it was aligned in the easy to bend direction.  Leave a 1/8" gap between all pieces.  I use a grid ruler to line up the bottoms of all pieces.

Clip the corners, and wrap around the chipboard.

Cover the inside with a piece of cardstock. Make sure the grain of the paper will allow easy bending along the spine.  I use a bone folder to push the paper slightly into the gutter.  After the glue has set, exercise the joints so that the cover bends easily.

Now, you're ready to make the pocket that will go in the inside back cover.  Cut two pieces of paper (9" x 3.5" and 4.75" x 3.25").  Score the long piece of paper 1" along the long edge, and 1" and 2" from each short end.  For the smaller piece of paper, score at 2.5".  I like to use my scor-it board.  The scores are really easy to fold, and it's easy to get scores in just the right places.

On the long piece, cut along the four short score lines - I like to cut a little "V" along each, and use a bone folder to bend the paper and reinforce the scores.

Glue together and you have a box with an open back.  You can stop here if you like, but I like to close my box.

I drop the folded smaller piece into the box, figure out where it will touch the box, and apply glue.

On the back of the box, apply glue and put it on the back of the portfolio.  To be on the safe side, I like to place the unglued box on the back of the portfolio to see where it will be before I lay it down.  When you're finished, the box will hold quite a few standard sized cards and envelopes - at least five.

I like to wrap a little ribbon around it before I give it away.  These are a big hit with my friends who received them this year.  This project is based on a project I made at a Club Scrap retreat.  I covered mine differently, made a different size, and finished my box off in a different way.

These portfolios (I made four) used up a fair amount of my chipboard, and some cardstock that I had been hoarding rather than using.  I also started making a book (completely different project!) that isn't ready to share yet.  To see the other ladies who are scrapping their stash and to join in on the fun, check out Lala's World blog.


  1. This is really cool--very artistic! Thanks also for the sweet comment on my blog! I've had a rough couple of weeks but hope to get back to some crafting soon!

  2. Your portfolio is sooo cool!!! I totally have to try this. Good for you for using your stash last month :)))) I have a couple kits from Club Scrap a while back. Their paper is soo beautiful. Note to self: Use paper stash, lol.

  3. LOVE this idea!! TFS!! Way to use up your stash! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  4. I like the idea of putting a pocket inside, rather than a tray Deb, thanks! Great tutorial.

  5. Cute idea, thanks for the tip!

  6. Definitely going to try this ~ TFS!

  7. Hi

    This is a wonderful project and a great tutorial. I have a list of tutorials on my blog. Do you mind if I include a link to this tutorial on there?

    Best wishes

    Billie :)

  8. Deb I absolutely love this idea!



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