Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sketchy Cards (SFYTT)

In between organizing my supplies, I've snuck in a little time for crafting. Today, I wanted to make some cards, but was a bit stuck, so I turned to the "Sketch for you to Try" challenge.  I flipped the card horizontal, and came up with this:

About a week ago, I was playing with picket fence distress stain, so I used that on the text background, and then used paint and a Club Scrap stencil to make the background. I'm so glad to be taking May Flaum's class - it's been a great inspiration and a push to stretch myself.

Once I started crafting, the sketch inspired me to make a second card. I felt like brighter colors and a bit more sparkle this time.

I'm going to be in the local ice show this weekend for the first time.  I'm looking forward to the memories, and to making some great scrapbook pages.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Most of the stamps and paper in this post are from Stampin' Up! or Club Scrap.


  1. What does being "in" the ice show mean? Are you a skater besides being an engineer and papercrafter? :)

  2. I've taken up figure skating this spring, and am actually "in" the show! There are six adults in my group - we have a lot of fun. For four years, I also did tap dancing - I really like to challenge myself and make sure that my whole day isn't about technical things:



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