Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs of spring and tweeting

This weekend was definitely a move forward in the spring direction. Paul did a lot of gardening, I did some spring cleaning, and we heard the first real sign of spring - a boat signaling for the lift bridge to be raised! I really love this sound in the summer, and generally wind up running around the house yelling "boat!".

And, for those of you on Twitter, I have finally taken the plunge! The final push was Club Scrap. They're going on a 10th anniversary cruise (departed on Sunday) and they're going to "tweet" about it. I couldn't resist joining in on the fun, so I signed up. Paul found a neat program for the mac that allows me to follow facebook status updates and twitters in one window, so it is pretty groovy.

I'm "liftbridgecards" on twitter, or http://twitter.com/liftbridgecards. Plain old liftbridge is taken up by a brewery in Minnesota!

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