Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good news for you!

Well, the bad news for me is that the art show my pieces were accepted to was cancelled. I will work on posting the items I submitted over the next few weeks. The good news for you is that you get to hear about these books sooner, and they can now be seen at the Copper Country Community Arts Center in Hancock. I went there yesterday to update my works, and was pleasantly surprised to find that my last book there had sold!

I'm hoping the Einerlei opens up next week so I can drop some new books off there, too. I'm also seriously getting ready to take some nice pictures and upload some books to my Etsy shop.

This book was made using Club Scrap materials. The paper, beads and stamps are from an older collection - Wheel and Sprocket. I love the bright colors and technical aspects of the paper. It's great for an engineer! I was inspired by a technique I saw Tricia Morris demonstrate online in a webisode called "Foam Me to You". Instead of spare foam, I used foam core board from the Chapter 1 kit. This is also the same kind of foam core board you can pick up at an office supply store.

The other neat thing about this book is that I put in a few pocket pages. These are great for storing items like a CD (since this is a 6x6 book) or other pictures, notes, etc.

I hope you have a crafty day! I'm going to be doing some house chores, but also finishing up some projects later today.

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  1. Sorry to hear your art show was canceled. Great piece of art you created.



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