Thursday, July 09, 2009

My passion and inspiration

I've been inspired by some podcasts lately that talk about passion for crafting. All of these podcasts have made me think a lot about how I gather ideas, stay inspired, and how I can give back to the crafting community. I started this blog because I gain so much from looking at the work of others, and hope that someone else catches a creative spark from my work. So, I thought I would start this series of posts that will periodically appear by sharing some of the podcasts I listen to about crafting. I really enjoy listening to my iPod, and I nearly always have some form of talk radio on it. There is something that really helps my crafting mojo by listening to folks talk about the creative process while I'm creating.

So, without further ado, these are some of the podcasts that help keep me crafting. Most (if not all) also have a blog, so I also check those out. The beauty of podcasts, though, is that iTunes just pulls them to my computer, and I don't have to do anything but listen.

  • Craft Sanity. For me, this was the first one that is still on-the-air. Jennifer interviews crafty people, and asks intriguing questions about the difference between art and craft, and how crafting helps keeps us all sane. Craft Sanity, my friends. It works for me. OK, Jennifer says that, but it works for me, too! Jennifer does tend to focus more on fiber arts, but the crocheter and latent knitter in me appreciates that.
  • Crafty Pod. Diane interviews crafters, shares her opinions about the crafty community, and sometimes even talks you through a project. Her earlier podcasts were more about how to make stuff. Recent podcasts focus more on the indie-craft movement, how to follow your passion while crafting, and how to market your craft. Very cool stuff.
  • Diva Craft Lounge. Danielle and Rayme interview folks in the crafty industry on a weekly basis. They interview more industry leaders than the other podcasts, so I like this one to stay abreast of some of the trends in the field. Originally, it was all about scrapbooking, but they have broadened the focus lately to more crafts, and it's inspirational and positive. You can't help but smile while you're listening!
  • Craftcast. This is my newest podcast, and after a few episodes, I'm hooked. This one feels the most like a "talk" show, with Allison sharing details about her garden, latest projects, etc. It's an eclectic mix of crafting - metalwork one week, and bookmaking the next.
I also like video podcasts - more so now that I have an iPod that can play video! I've found two that I like. I like to watch videos on web sites and YouTube, but the advantage of podcasts is that I don't need to look for them. I always have some new crafty inspiration to watch!
  • Scrap Time. Christine shows us the latest products, and greatest techniques. I love when she goes to CHA (the semi-annual craft and hobby show) and videos the products on the floor. It's almost as good as being there.
  • Paperclipping. Noell has free videos, and a pay service. She has a lot of design experience, and a really clear way of explaining design techniques. Her style is fresh and fun, and I always learn a design tip from her.
Do you have a favorite podcast? I'd love to hear about it, and I'll share some of my favorite blogs and web sites in future posts. I've found some new podcasts on bookmaking, and I'm really excited to listen to them soon!

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