Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spinning around

This is the third book I was going to exhibit at the Great Lakes Art Showcase. The show was cancelled, but should be on again next year!

This piece is a hand-stitched book with beading on the spine. All of the materials are from Club Scrap. The inspiration was the art on the cover. I used a spin art machine, and some techniques I learned at Club Scrap's annual retreat. Spin art just isn't for kids - you can create some really great effects, but of course, they are all random. This piece was made with dye inks on a porous paper. I spent a whole day playing, and created a lot of different pieces. Some were masterpieces, and some were not. You can use alcohol inks, mists, and a variety of different papers and materials. Basically, if you can spin it, try it out!

I may not be as active for a few weeks. It's time for a holiday. I do have plans to visit a bookbinding shop on vacation, so I'll definitely be sharing any inspiration I get from my holiday!

Enjoy the summer!

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