Saturday, April 02, 2011

An alternative cover for a shaped book

So, as we learned in my previous post, I don't like raw chipboard edges in my projects.  In my last book, I used pigment ink to color the edges.

I cover so much bookboard with paper, I thought this might be fun to try.  I ripped up some pieces of text weight paper (you need something pliable that can wrap easily), applied glue to the paper (see the upper right of the photo), and folded carefully over the book edges, starting with the corners.

By applying glue on a magazine, I have a clean surface at all times.  Use a different part of the page to apply the glue by brushing over the entire piece.  When one page is messy, rip it off, and use the next page.

I continued around until the whole edge was covered.

I covered the center portion of the cover with half of a die cut shape, and pressed this overnight in my bookpress.

I wasn't 100% happy with how this turned out.  No matter how hard I tried, some glue transferred to the project, and didn't really have the crisp look I wanted.  There are no mistakes, however, only opportunities to embellish!  I coated the whole cover with acrylic medium (a mixture of gloss and matte) and I now love the final result.

I assembled the book the same way as my previous book and wound up with this finished product:

I can't decide if this needs more embellishment or not at this point.  I'm thinking of adding something sparkly, but time will tell. What do you think? Is it finished, or could it use a little more bling?

Most materials are from Club Scrap.  Hope you enjoy this alternative way to create a finished edge on a chipboard book!

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  1. very cool, i love the look of the finished edge and the texture is awesome!



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