Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Card: Inspired by washi tape

I was inspired by a card I saw on Britta Swiderski's blog, where she uses washi tape as a background for a greeting.  I haven't quite got into the washi tape craze (I don't think having one roll counts!), but I thought this would be great for border stickers.

It's bright and cheery, and used up two sheets of stickers from Stampin' Up! that had been crying out to be used.  Oh, and they were Christmas stickers - pretty cool multi-tasking!  I'm betting this would also be great with those scraps of patterned paper we always seem to have, too.

This is another busy week at the day job - big things are coming up.  If you wouldn't mind sending a little pixie dust or a good thought my way, I can certainly use them this week!


  1. This is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your creation with me. I'm so glad to inspire. Awesome use of border stickers!




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