Monday, July 09, 2012

Kissing my stamps

Well, not really....

Kissing is a technique I don't do a lot with my stamps, but I thought it would be perfect with this striped stamp from the Club Scrap Bon Appetit kit.  Start by inking a stamp - I inked the striped stamp that is mounted on my grid ruler.

Kiss the inked striped stamp to the second stamp - a brocade pattern.

Stamp on your paper.

You now have a lovely stripe, but with a subtle pattern.  I liked this better than the bold stripes on their own.

Repeat until you have covered the entire panel - using the grid ruler helps you to line up all of the stripes nicely.

On the front of the card, I used the brocade pattern in a contrasting color to bring that out more boldly, and finished it off with a sentiment and a few little embellishments.  An easy way to make your stamps go further!

All stamps and paper from Club Scrap's Bon Appetit collection - and I used their lovely hybrid inks too (great for any surface).

Since this is the height of summer and we're knee deep in a remodeling project, my posts will be a little infrequent from here on out.  I should be back on a regular schedule in September after classes start again.

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  1. That's a great pair of stamps for kissing, Deb! Thanks for posting the tutorial!



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