Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding my crafty mojo...

Why has it been so long?  Well, first, I get really, really busy at certain times of the academic year.  I've always struggled with how to balance work, crafting, blogging, and the million other things that we all do at the same time.  Like, snow blowing.

Second, I'm happy to report that in between this year's busy times, I earned a promotion at my job, which led to increased responsibilities.  In addition to those extra responsibilities, I was primarily responsible for moving forward some policy changes that also required extra effort this fall.  Frankly, I've just been plain exhausted ever since August.

Finally, along the way, I seemed to have lost my mojo for a while.  I'm sure you can all identify - who hasn't been stuck in a rut or just plain uninspired?  This weekend, though, I think I broke through the mojo barrier, and over the next few weeks, I'm going to share some of my successes as well as some paper crafting ideas.

First, my friends really help here.  From KnitterPam (who is always gently reminding me to blog) to my wonderful Club Scrap family (who encourages me and asks me what I'm up to) to my local friends who admire my paper crafting, knowing that someone is interested in what you do really makes a difference.    I had a great craft show last December, which made me really itchy to start making stuff.

For example, last year, I made this calendar for my office and shared a tutorial.  These were very popular at my craft show and my local shops where I have work for sale.  Who doesn't want a pretty calendar as a gift?

My friend from work has been admiring it all year, and asked me to make her one this year.  A deadline helps get the mojo sparked - if I don't get her the calendar by the end of January, it starts to lose a bit of usefulness.  So, I buckled down and asked her what color she would like.  This immediately eliminates a choice for me, which makes it that much easier to get started. She said pink, and I happened to have the Birds of a Feather kit out in the open with a fabulous pink in it.  If you've lost your mojo - don't spend all day looking for the perfect paper.  Use what is there!  The kit had this fabulous saying in it, and the cute wings stamp, so I just played with that to start.  I figured if Kay likes a little glitter on everything, more must be better, especially for wings.

The easel came together really quickly with the pink paper, and ribbon from the kit.  So, presto!  I had a great gift and made a friend very happy today.

So, my restoring mojo tips of the day:

  • Find some friends to encourage you!  I love the Club Scrap community, and all my friends there. It's the board I most regularly visit to check in on everyone.  A BIG thank you to everyone there who asked (or wondered) how I was doing.
  • Find a deadline - they always motivate me!
  • Eliminate choices - having my co-worker pick a color made it that much easier to get started.
  • Use what is around - don't go hunting for the perfect pink, or that paper you remember buying - just use what is visible!
  • Finally, I started by cleaning my desk, too.  Still my most helpful way of getting going.  As I clean, I always find something to inspire me.


  1. Haha, that's me, the bug in your ear. Or, the pain in your rear. Either way, glad you're blogging again! Now, I need a friend to bug me to START a darn blog. I've been dying to, and just haven't made the time...

  2. These are great tips! And I am so glad to see you blogging again!



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