Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hopes Blog Hop - A card collection

Hopefully as you're reading this, Paul and I are enjoying ice skating morning, noon, and night. I say hopefully for several reasons:
  • We have old knees
  • We have brand new ice skates (we've been warned by many of the terrors ahead)
  • "Hopes" is the Club Scrap kit this month
I also hope that you're enjoying the blog hop this month. I'm a Club Scrap Lite member, and just like last month, the cut-aparts this month inspired me to make a bunch of cards.

I started by cutting two of the tan pieces into 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper.  The wider piece that was left made four tan card panels. The dark brown paper was cut into six 4 x 5.25 panels.

I used the stamps from the Hot Chicks kit to create backgrounds on the panels.  The dotted swoops on the flowers and dotted circles just struck me as coordinating with this kit. I used different combinations of fuchsia, ocean, earth, and tangerine ink on the panels.

Here I used the dandelion stamp.  I didn't like this as much until I put the greeting on it.

I needed one long card for my test application - I'll be dancing the Rhythm Blues, and I have a form to return to the school.  This was also a great opportunity to use my new Envelope Punch Board - how great to be able to make any envelope of any size to fit what I need!

I thought I would use the orange paper at first, but I wanted to throw a bit of a brighter color in to go with the shiny gold paper.  This lovely teal is from the Cyprus kit.

While we're at skating school this week, we'll be working with five different coaches, and the skating community has been very welcoming to us.  I thought that having some cards on hand would be a good idea.

I added some ribbons on some cards, and photo corners on this one. If I had more time, I might have added some dimensional paint, too.

It was nice to have a crafty break before heading on vacation. We're really looking forward to skating, hiking, golfing, and just spending time together. I hope that you are also enjoying the beginning of summer and looking forward to some time together with those you love.

Next on our hop is Wendy Bellino.  If you get lost or just want to start at the beginning, check out the entire group at Club Scrap Creates.

Check back in two weeks to see the second half of my Cape Cod project - my friend loved it!

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