Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tutorial - Mosaic Card

A while ago, somebody asked me how I use up my card scraps, and I thought back to another card I had posted.  I thought I would share my process for making this card.

First, start with an image.  In my case, this is piece of glossy cardstock that I pounced on with alcohol inks and then stamped with an image (check out this video from Ranger to learn more about this).  You could use patterned paper, a cut out from a magazine, or anything that strikes your fancy.

Next, cut the image into pieces.  I like to make mine around 1" square (these are 7/8" square).  This is a nice size to work with (not too big, not too small) and can easily fit onto a variety of card sizes.  Those rectangular pieces are discarded.  Not all sizes of images will work perfectly to the size that you want to cut.

I thought I still needed more black on my squares, so I stamped a little more on them with a coordinating stamp.  I used a color wheel to pick a teal color to mat the squares, and then just layered some other interesting scraps to finish the card.  I did rotate and mix up the pieces for a more abstract look.
Mosaic Card

This is a great technique that I use quite frequently.  Because of my engineering background, I like things to line up, but they don't have to!  It can also be used with circles or other geometric shapes.

Experiment and have fun!  I hope you share what you create!

Materials list:


  1. Ink-Pattie12:28 AM

    beautiful card--love the colors and the patterns. And I always love inchies!

  2. Oooh, I love the oranges in this one! And those gears are cool looking, I wonder if there's a single stamp available out there just for that.

    You've got me thinking of how to use my stamps this way, I'll let you know what I come up with!

  3. Beth - I just looked on the Club Scrap site, and I was wrong - the stamps are still available! The collage image is just fabulous, and I love stamping over it with the gears. I updated the post with a link.



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