Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More wire notebooks

When I had my supplies out last time to make my wire notebooks, I made several others.  This is the first notebook I made using the stamp stickers.  On this notebook, only the front cover has stickers, and instead of wrapping them around my notebook, I trimmed them flush.  For this notebook, I used a vellum paper underneath the stickers, so I didn't paint the cardboard.  I also left the edges plain, so you can see the difference the inked edges make if you compare the two notebooks.

Bind it all book 1

The next two books used the herringbone technique I learned from Club Scrap. I've used this technique before for books.  This is a great way to use up those little strips of paper. To seal the cover, I covered it with bookbinding glue that was watered down a bit.  The glue coating also gives a little bit of a sheen to the cover.

Bind it all book 5

Bind it all book 4

This book uses a "quadrant" technique that I've used before on cards (experimenting with color and scraptastic snowflakes), and was originally demoed by Club Scrap. I also used some masking on each of the panels, so the images didn't get stamped over. If you're worried about cutting straight edges, covering the join marks with an embellishment is a perfect way to cover the center - just in case things don't quite meet up!

Bind it all book 3

Finally, this is just a simple book with some cardstock and stamping. Initially, I tried to use ribbon as the vertical brown strip, but found out the hard way that ribbon doesn't really punch well with the bind-it-all.

Bind it all book 2

Which book is your favorite?  Let me know if you want to learn more about any of the specific techniques used in these books.  All paper and stamps are from Club Scrap.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Deb - these are lovely! I especially love the pink herringbone one and in particular the way you've contrasted the right angles of the herringbone with the curve of the black paper the quote is on. Beautiful.

  2. I love these Deb....they are so beautiful. I think it is amazing what you can make with a piece of paper and some coil :)

  3. Oh these are all so beautiful! The quotes are so inspiring and the large coil brings a great, bold feel to them!

  4. These are great Deb. I also wanted to let you know that I choose your blog for one of my 7 Kreavit Blogger Awards. (Megs gave it to me.) You can go to my site and se the "rules" as well as get the picture, if you want to add it to your page.
    Great job.

  5. Deb, those books are wonderful. I particularly love the ones using that herringbone technique. I have not seen that before. Is it very difficult to do? I'd like to try that myself.

  6. it's not hard at all to do the herringbone technique! It's rather addictive, and it's one of those meditative things you can do while doing other crafts. It's best described in motion - check out the tutorial from Club Scrap (



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