Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iris folding - four cards

This weekend, I'm participating in a really great online event.  It's called "Weekend of Workshops" (aka WOW) and is sponsored by Club Scrap.  I pre-ordered a gorgeous box of supplies that arrived last week, and today they had an online chat and released videos of the projects they sent us.

The first project I tried out was this iris folded card.

Iris folding - Club Scrap WOW

Iris folding is a really old technique, and there are lots of great tutorials and patterns available on the web.  This tutorial is a nice explanation of the technique, and this page has a lot of great links to learn more about this technique.

After taking the effort to fold all of the strips of paper, I was inspired to try some different patterns from my collection.  This one is a pear pattern from the The Complete Iris Folding Compendium.

Iris folding - pear

I liked this card, but I saw a pattern where the panel was embossed, and I was inspired to emboss the panel first and then rub ink on it.  I'm still not sure if this is crazy-cool or just plain crazy, but I like it.

Iris folding - vintage pear

Finally, I made a card using a coffee pot pattern from the The Complete Iris Folding Compendium.  I had yet to break out the Mocha Java Remix stamps from Club Scrap, so this was a perfect excuse to get those out.  This is probably my favorite card.  I love the saying (Retirement: world's longest coffee break), and the colors.  Who can resist a coffee stain stamp?

Iris folded coffee pot

My favorite books for iris folding are by Maruscha Gaasenbeek and Tine Beauveser.  Some of them are out of print, and some are still available.  It looks like the The Complete Iris Folding Compendium is now available - I may have to get that! (edited:  I have it on order!  This book combines nine of their books into one volume.  It really is an amazing value, and their patterns and ideas are fabulous.)

All paper is from Club Scrap - I raided my scrap drawer, so these are mostly mixed kits.

I'm going to tackle the next project in my kit now!

And, don't forget to leave a comment on this post to have a chance to win some handmade goodness from my house to yours.


  1. I love the look of these cards...they are adorable!!

  2. I love these, especially the pears. I totally have a thing for pears. And the inked embossing is definitely crazy cool!

    I used to do the ClubScrap (and later ClubStamp) thing, but I haven't gotten any of their kits in a really long time. This WOW seems like a fun idea. I'll have to watch and see if they ever do another one.

  3. Those cards are gorgeous!! My favorite is the coffee post as well. Thanks for linking where we can get info on how to make these.

  4. Very cool cards indeed. I think you are right about kits - they are great for getting us to try new things. That coffee stain stamp is priceless!



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