Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iris folding - collage paper

At the Club Scrap retreat last year, I picked up this fabulous collage paper that we used to make a project.  The paper was so gorgeous, I needed more.  After we did the iris folding project this week, I got to thinking about what other text weight paper I had around, and I decided to try iris folding with some of the scraps left over from the original project.

Iris folding sympathy

The pattern I used is found on page 165 of 460 Iris Folded Cards to Make.  I just ordered this book, and love having so many new patterns available.

I am so happy with the result!  Sometimes with iris folding, you can easily get eye-bending patterns that almost make you dizzy if the color selection isn't good.  I think this paper works because although it is busy, the colors within it are harmonious.  For my second color, I chose to pick black, since it's a neutral, and is prevalent in the patterned paper.

When you're iris folding, look at how many pieces are needed for the first round.  For this example, there are four, and I could:
  • Use four different colors so each swirl is a different color
  • Use two different colors, so every other swirl is a different color
  • Use one color, so all of the swirls are the same color (not very interesting most of the time, but sometimes is a nice subtle effect)
When using multiple colors, make sure to pick colors that don't fight with each other.  With patterned papers, I try to pick patterns that are small enough to show a bit of the pattern in each stripe.

Have fun picking papers and trying new color combinations - trust me - this is addicting once you get started!

All papers and stamp are from Club Scrap.  The ribbon slide is a die cut from Spellbinders.


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