Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The finished book

Here is my finished book with a floating style stone in the cover:

Window book with shell

I really enjoy putting beads on my spine.  One of the threads is left over from sewing the binding.  The other pair of threads are created by tying a long piece of linen thread around the kettle stitch at the top.

Binding of window book

I think I seriously dreamt up this project, and I am so happy to see it completed.  It really matches what was in my head when I started, which feels great.  This project was very complicated.  If you missed any of the steps, this is what I did:

  1. Decorated the style stone
  2. Created the covers
  3. Added the floating element to the cover
  4. Assembled the book
All of the papers and most of the beads were from Club Scrap.  The ribbon is a grosgrain ribbon from Stampin' Up!

I actually made one before this to test my technique out.  I'll share that when I have a chance to finish the beading, take more pictures, and finish working on some Easter projects!


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