Thursday, July 01, 2010

The winner and the answer!

A drum roll for the winner....

The lucky winner is commenter #2, who is Annette D!

Annette guessed that Paul made the quilled card, making her correct in her guess, as well.  I think my hubby is pretty darned talented to make the card on the left, although if you were reading my blog last year, you might not be too surprised by the outcome.  Christine will be disappointed that he didn't do the fabulous stamping.  Mostly, that's because he has a hard time finding anything in my craft room...  Uh...  I mean our computer room!

Annette - let me know your current mailing address, and I'll get a prize out to you in the mail.  You can find my contact information in my "about me" page.  Paul will be contributing some of his quilled bits so that you can make your own card, and I'll add some of my cards, as well.  I know you can  use them!

Anniversary Cards


  1. Tell Paul he can quill me a card any time he wants!!!

  2. Wow - tell Paul I'm impressed! Congratulations, Annette!

  3. I have put a list on my blog of top blogspots for an art journal calendar that I am in.. Was just waiting for a spare mo to do the same for this one and you best me to it..hope you are having fun so far!!! X



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